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W4 Media “What’s Wrong With the World” Live Broadcast Promo ad (coming 2009)

A video and message below from a very good friend of ours. Check it out.

With the recent “restructuring” of the AZ UFO Show (which I was dismissed from for “Doing Nothing” (Which we all know is B.S.) and Rich’s belief that he’s now a psychic, and thus gives psychic readings on the show – I’m starting a new show to carry on the tradition of seeking the truth, not just in the realm of the paranormal, but in every area of life which we encounter daily…

Show will begin in 2009… I do not have an official start date, as we are still testing various different broadcast sites, to provide the best quality audio and video on the internet. If you know of a site that has these features, please let me know, maybe it can speed up the testing process…

If you wish to be informed when the show will begin, please send me either:

A message here on YouTube (TheScrutinizerReport), or email me at briandbunker@yahoo.com

I will NOT give out your email address to any other parties, and it will be used solely for giving updates on the upcoming show.

  1. Jake
    March 13, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    With reports of pending martial law, US concentration camps, a tsunami predicted to wipe out the entire east coast, Planet X and other assorted horrors, I guess we get to pick our favorite from the never-ending list. I have learned when people tease the mind and offer the answers in a book they happen to have written that reds flags should not only go up but should wave like hell.

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