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The Planet X Challenge!

UPDATE: Looks like TheWireTap was suspended because of his views. However, our offer in this challenge still stands.

YouTube user TheWiretap has made a great video challenging 2012/Nibiru believers to enter a legally binding contract whereby if Nibiru fails to show up by 2013, all of your worldly possessions will belong to him. If it does show up, everything he owns will belong to you. As we here at Yowcrooks are 100% confident this 2012/Nibiru doomsday is pure tripe, we’ll give £1,000GBP to each person who agrees to enter into TheWiretaps contract and should Nibiru show up before 2013 you’ll have £1,000GBP in your pocket. If you’re a believer in Nibiru and think this is a waste of time because £1,000GBP or someones worldly possessions will be useless to you with all the global destruction that Nibiru will bring about, then you shouldn’t have any problem putting yours on the line. If you’re so cock-sure this is going to happen then what have you got to lose? So far, not surprisingly, no-one has had the balls to enter into the contract.

  1. Jim Haas
    October 20, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Why would anyone enter into such a stupid contract? If P X shows up and wipes you/us out, you can’t fulfill your end of the agreement, right? It’s a win/win for you. By the way, P X IS COMING! You will die inside the next three years, for certain, since you’re too stupid to make any preparations. Just before it gets here, it will take up 20% of the sky! At that point, you will realize what an ass you were for not taking the advice of people smarter, and more experienced than your young ass.
    J J

  2. yowcrooks
    October 20, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Then what have YOU got to lose by entering? If you’re so cock-sure then it’s a win/win for you aswell, idiot. You’re just confirming what we already know, and that is even you believers haven’t got the balls to put your money where your mouth is because there is still doubt in your minds. If Planet X was to take up 20% of the sky just before it gets here, sometime around the end of 2012 according to asshats such as yourself, EVERYONE on the entire planet would already know about it, not to mention SEE it. We wont be realizing what an ass we’ve been, that will be people like you who have hid away in a concrete bunker somewhere because of something that doesn’t exist. Enjoy your stay in there, then when you finally emerge you’ll realize the rest of the world has gone on as normal and left you behind.

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