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UPDATE: Since the Comet Elenin Doomsday conspiracies fell to pieces, quite literally, Marshall Masters of YOWUSA.com has removed all Comet Elenin material from the front page of his website. No admissions of being wrong and no apologies for creating unnecessary fear mongering. But honestly, did you really expect anything else?

Well its been a while since we posted anything, but thought it best we show how wrong the doomcryers were, yet again! We’re going to keep this short and sweet so let’s get this nonsense out of the way. First let us go back a little to May 21 of this year; we had the false prophet Harold Camping predicting the end of the world, that was cancelled until October 21, well nothing happened, we’re still here! We had comet Honda pass the Earth on August 15, it didn’t hit us, we’re still here! We had doomcryers predicting that asteroid 2005 YU55 would smash into the Earth on November 8th, it didn’t, we’re still here! But now for the biggie, how can we forget comet Elenin, or the Brown Dwarf star Nibiru as many were saying. First of all it was exactly what it was said to be, a comet, and a wimpy comet at that. Yet we had the imbecile narcissist Marshall Masters saying otherwise. Anyway back in August comet Elenin started disintegrating and was reduced to nothing more than dust, Good’ol yowusa soon jumped on that news too. Well we didn’t pass through its debris, we didn’t all get poisioned and we didn’t all turn into zombies and start eating eachother! However we cannot forget the all important date regarding this comet, October 16, when the remnant of Elenin made its closest approach to Earth. It passed by at the precise distance NASA and the astronomers studying this object said it would, 0.2338 AU (34,980,000 km; 21,730,000 mi) and now Elenin, or rather what’s left of it, is on its way back out into deep space. There was a whole bunch more of predictions we could have covered here but quite frankly it wasn’t worth it, the outcome for all is the same, they failed. We’re now in December and 2012 is around the corner, the true great year for ‘EPIC FAILNESS!’ Who knows what other crackpot theories and predictions these lunatics will dig up as we go through the year. We really cannot wait for it to arrive and have fun once again debunking them all. I wonder what the next big doomsday prediction will be when the 2012/Nibiru one falls flat on its face? How about 2020? That’s a nice even number isn’t it? Actually here’s a better idea for all the doomcryers, how about when 2012 fails and we pass into 2013, then 2014 etc, you unplug your PC from the wall, then unplug your brain from your ass and go outside and actually do something constructive and worthwhile with your lives? Nuff said.

  1. December 4, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Yup. Little Marshall is quite the stooge… I used to watch his vids with the intent of wanting to know what the disinfo agents & the cointelpro they are employed by, were/are up to… The old, “know thy enemy”, strategy…
    After only two or three of them, I couldn’t listen any longer… Just too much insanity. Too much narcissism. And way too much bullshit…

    Also, wanted to thank you for your efforts to expose these morons… Much appreciated!


  2. yowcrooks
    December 5, 2011 at 1:16 am


    Watch Marshall Masters’ articles on Elenin slowly disappear off his website now that once again they have been proven to be full of bunk. He’s done it many times in the past as have other doomcryers when they’ve been proven wrong. Why change the habbit of a lifetime? Remove/change the content and/or deny they said what they did. Or give the classic “it was better to be safe than sorry” ploy. Or the “we didn’t actually say it would happen, we said ‘could’, ‘maybe’ or ‘what if'”. Mr. Masters’ articles seem to be full of coulds, maybes and what ifs! No facts and no science, just the ramblings of a doomcryer out to make money by preying on the fears of the weak and gullible.

    Thank you for your support.

  3. Sossy
    December 22, 2011 at 12:32 am

    The more I read about Masters, the more concerned I become for vulnerability of those within his sphere of influence. He claims to be of a special breed of people sent to earth to lead them through these times (Indigo-E Children). Unfortunately, there are enough people weak or compliant enough to fall for this ploy that someone with Masters’ dedication to self-marketing can create quite following (and income) for themselves through selling their hype. He is dangerous, IMO, and will simply find another scheme after December 2012 comes and goes with the world still intact.

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