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This blog has been set up to help bring down one of the biggest conspiracies to hit the internet in recent years, and the perpetrators behind it. Planet X, or Nibiru as it is commenly known, was made popular back in the late 70′s and early 80′s by Zecharia Sitchin. Since then others have jumped onto the Nibiru bandwagon, mainly to make money off of it, and linking it’s return to the Mayan date of 2012. This, as you will see on our blogsite, is complete and utter nonsense. With a team of like-minded people from the UK, Europe, USA and Australia, we will run articles on the most popular Planet X, Nibiru, 2012 claims and debunk them with pure, hard scientific facts, as well as what motivates the people behind one of the biggest hoaxes of all time. Why waste our time on this if we don’t believe it’s true you may ask? Our motivation is simple; we’re not prepared to sit back and watch these doomsday peddlers frighten and corrupt the minds of people, particularly young ones who see and read their lies on a daily basis about the world coming to an end in the next few years who care about nothing else but their ego and filling their pockets. We simply cannot and will not sit back and watch this happen. Even if just one person visits this blog and leaves it now knowing that this 2012 doomsday theory is a hoax, we feel we will have been successful in our mission. Also nothing will be more satisfying than watching these liars fall flat on their faces when this doomsday prediction fails. People like us and sites like this will be the ones who have the last laugh.

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  1. Ray
    May 27, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Marshall Master….just the sight of that crook irritates me and he has flipped his side of the story at his convienance. It is shocking there are few people who have caught on to his scam. Thanks for doing this because that guy deserves to get his ass thrown in jail.

  2. yowcrooks
    June 8, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Ray, we feel your pain. Hopefully with any luck when 2012 comes and goes people will wake up to the garbage that this fear mongering buffoon spews out.

  3. Kris K
    April 20, 2012 at 4:56 am

    I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for you guys and what you do. Since I was a kid I have always searched for answers ( truths) in things I was taught or learned by teachers , peers, or anything for that matter. Recently ( about a year or two ago ) I came across this planet X stuff on YouTube . It kinda scared the s*!t out of me. I’m not a person that fears death, I’m not very religious although I would consider myself very spiritual. I kinda became obsessed with the negativity of this whole thing trying to find out if their was any ( truth ) to it. Today I was driving home from work and was listing to a recording of a Talk show called ” Coast to coast ” and it featured a so called scientist by the name of ? Yes you guessed it Marshal Masters. This dude just fueled my fear. He seemed very creditable and intelligent. But then again astronomy is obviously not my field. As I listed to this man something inside me , maybe intuition was telling me he was kinda nuts. And not to mention contradicted himself several times within the 30 minute interview. Either way I googled his so called ” credibility ” and came across you guys, “Thank God”. This dude along with all the others need to be exposed. I was kinda becoming obsessed with the possibility that my two small children may not be able to experience what a wonderful world this place is. I know that sounds morbid , but I’m being honest. ” I was actually considering buying his Survival Guide.. Lol. Not so much because I was gonna take it seriously but more for the sake to just say I read it. What a mistake that would have been , especially for my peace of mind. As I said earlier , you guys are doing something that really matters here . Thanks for giving me peace of mind and finally letting me get some information from someone who knows what thier talking about. I will spread the word of your blog to all I know ” got a lot of friends who follow this stuff to “. Thanks again guys and don’t stop doing what you do. We need more creditable sources exposing these scammers who make money out of the uniformed public. YouTube is like a bad neighborhood ” you shouldn’t go in alone ” take care guys.

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